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Who is Annilee Ford? 

The brains behind the operation! I'm also a mum, former actress, acting coach and the proud owner of an ex race horse and a house rabbit .

What do you play/do?

I write or co-write the music and I sing and write the lyrics. I also give lots of notes.

What music first influenced you?

A collection of 7 inch hits that belonged to my aunt. They included The Beatles, The Mamas and The Papas, Chris Montez, The Ronettes, Sam Cooke. Then I remember loving Golden Brown by The Stranglers and Back on the Chain Gang by The Pretenders. 

What would you be doing if not music?

If I had my time over I like to think I would have gone into politics or worked for a charity. But I could be misleading myself, especially when it comes to politics. I'm not good at toeing the party line.

What do you feel most strongly about in life in general?

Ignorance, gender inequality and an over abundance of entitlement  

Do you really believe music can make a difference?

If those of us who feel the same sense of outrage about all that's wrong in our society, can find each other through whatever medium and join together, perhaps there is a chance of effecting a change. 

What causes are closest to your heart?

Issues involving women and children. I sign several petitions a day related to everything from child trafficking, to Monsanto. I'd like to think it counts.


Describe your personality in a sentence.

An astronaut whose gaze afar seems harnessed fast to a distant star... I'm often slightly removed from reality but only because I find reality, all the time at least, to be awfully hard going. That's more than a sentence.

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