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Info on The Music

Coming Home. Music by Gareth Blunt. Melody and Lyrics by Anna Mountford.

Originally an instrumental I was inspired to put a lyric on. Gareth had called it Coming Home and it made me think of all the people lost in wars all over the world and the soldiers who never come home. I was living in Burbank where at the time they had flags on the lamp posts each carrying the image of a recently fallen US soldier. I was never sure if that was meant to remind us of a sacrifice well made or a waste of life.



Naomi Klein's Guardian article, below, from 2004 tells how, even that far back, ordinary people knew these dirty wars needed to end.

RUN AWAYThe Annilee Ford Band
00:00 / 01:42

Run Away. Music by Anna Mountford, Billy Demartines, Mark Peckham.

Lyrics by Anna Mountford. 


This was written early in 2010. It was brought to life in a studio in North Hollywood on an unusually rainy day by a great group of musicians including Hayato Takano on slide guitar. I remember my son aged 5 sitting under a table coloring while the rain poured in through a hole in the corner of the studio...LA really doesn't get much rain! 


Everyone was kind of winging it and Hayato recorded it on his iPhone. Later Billy produced it in the studio but I love the feel of this first ever time we played it as a band.

You Can't Handle This. Music and Lyrics by Anna Mountford


Demo-ed by me using Garage Band loops. I'll produce it properly one day soon!

The Reason. Music by Anna Mountford and Fabio Silva. Lyrics by Anna Mountford

I wrote The Reason around 2010 for my son Ed. It seems to be a real favourite with people, I guess it resonates. 


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